Have Electrical Questions? We Have Answers!

Surges occur when a particular event causes an interference in the normal flow of electricity (fallen trees, lightening, wind storms, and similar incidents). At times, power surges can cause damages to particularly sensitive units, such as TV’s or computers. It’s best to invest in a good surge protection device, or have your whole unit surge protected.

The majority of the time we’ll have the parts needed to complete the job. In some special contracts we might need to special order particular parts. However, you can always count on us to come prepared to the job. We maintain open communication with you throughout the process to ensure you are fully informed on timelines for ordered products if necessary.

In order to fully reset a breaker you have push the tab all the way to the off position. While it sounds simple, but most people fail to fully turn off the breaker. Make sure that you have completely turned the breaker off and on, and then try the power again. If you still are without electricity, give us a call.